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Make extra cash and improve your ability to sell with the Ambassador Program.

Stang-up Meeting

Earn $100 for every sale

You're invited to join our exclusive group of changemakers who are ready to take their sales to a new level. You will have the opportunity to earn cash with Optimum Outreach and improve your sales approach in your own industry. 

As a member of the Ambassador Program, you will receive access to the top-performing sales agents strategies. Additionally, our monthly Virtual Networking meetings allow you to expand your reach and meet with other influencers. 


In your day-to-day work, you work with businesses that are relocating or just starting out and use telecommunication services.


As a member of the Ambassador Program, simply pass along your business lead to the Optimum Outreach technicians.


When a lead closes with Optimum Outreach, you will be sent $100 on a cash card within 48 hours.

Digital Work Life

Connect with businesses you already know

You already know businesses that are interested in the service, and now you can be compensated for it. Ambassadors have earned up to $5,000.

This opportunity is ideal for:

  • Commercial leasing agents

  • Managed IT professionals

  • Xfinity employees

Get exclusive access

Start selling and get exclusive access to the Ambassador Program's perks.

It's free to get started.

Sign up to get started.
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